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Frequently Asked Question

Lyfscience Medtech Pvt. Ltd is a health tech company . The goal of the company to provide accessibility and affordability to basic healthcare delivering through Medicine store , tertiary health care center & stand alone doctors and aims to create a global network . The company Owns three product – Lyflink Patient app , Lyflink Doctor App & Dava Dena app for Medicine Shop.

Right now the Medicine stores get display based upon rating so we would like always suggest you to serve your users with best possible methods.

You can send a mail to "" or call 9178350043 or 7008093731

You can send a mail to "" or call 9178350043 or 7008093731

Your earning will be transferred directly into your bank accounts within 3 days after payment cycle ends. Please ensure you have entered your Bank details properly for this direct transfer of your earning.

Delivery of medicine depends completely on a medical store. You can switch on and switch off the delivery option on your shop. Customer can chat or call you directly for which call and chat icon is provided.

No, you can't withdraw money from wallet, you can only use the wallet money to provide doctor consultations to your customer and charge fee from them.

You can chat with user and pass on any additional information.